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    Leading provider in Bangladesh for custom ETP, STP, DM, RO plants, and water softeners. Compliant with DOE regulations for sustainable water treatment solutions.

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    Explore industrial effluent treatment in Bangladesh, transforming waste into clean resources for a sustainable future. Learn more about eco-friendly solutions

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    Learn how Bangladesh is leading the way in sustainable textile production with innovative effluent treatment solutions. Discover eco-friendly practices now!

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    Discover effective industrial wastewater treatment solutions with Clean Industry, Clean Bangladesh, ensuring a cleaner and sustainable future for all.

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    How Crystal Clear Health is transforming Bangladesh with clean, safe water solutions for healthier, thriving communities. Join us in making a difference!

ETP Plant Bangladesh

Looking for a reliable industrial effluent treatment solution in Bangladesh? Our company is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom-built ETPs, STPs, DM plants, RO plants, and water softeners. We ensure all our systems meet Department of Environment (DOE) regulations, so you can operate with confidence and environmental responsibility.
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About ETP Plant Bangladesh

We provide comprehensive wastewater solutions throughout in Bangladesh

Welcome to ETP Plant Bangladesh, a trusted leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions. Renowned for our excellence, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying top-quality Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Demineralization (DM) plants, Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, Water Softeners, and Water Treatment Plants (WTP). Our services cater to industries such as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Chemical, Paint and Coating, Education, Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Textile, Pulp and Paper, and many more.

At ETP Plant Bangladesh, our vision is to become the global leader in innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions. We aim to be the top choice for clients seeking reliable and efficient ETP, STP, DM, WTP, and RO plants, delivering exceptional value through our dedication to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

At ETP Plant Bangladesh, our mission is to transform the water treatment industry by providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions that surpass our clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to utilizing our expertise and experience to design, manufacture, and deliver ETP, STP, DM, and RO plants that optimize resource use, minimize environmental impact, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, and customer-centric approach, we aim to empower industries and communities worldwide to achieve their water treatment goals efficiently, responsibly, and cost-effectively. At Hydroflux Engineering, we are committed to making a positive impact by safeguarding water quality and promoting a greener, more sustainable future for all.


A photo of a new effluent treatment plant under construction in Bangladesh. Large concrete tanks and pipes are visible, with workers in hard hats on site.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Explore a new effluent treatment plant under construction & its role in protecting Bangladeshi waterways from pollutants.

An aerial view of a sewage treatment plant under construction in Bangladesh. Large circular sedimentation tanks, aeration basins, and sludge treatment facilities are visible.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Improving sanitation in Bangladesh! Discover how this new sewage treatment plant will boost public health and reduce water pollution.

A photo of a wastewater treatment plant under construction in Bangladesh. Machinery and pipes are visible alongside workers in hard hats. The scene shows various stages of construction.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Bangladesh treats its wastewater! See a new treatment plant under construction & how it fosters cleaner water & a healthier environment.

A photo of a water treatment plant under construction in Bangladesh. Large pipes and storage tanks are visible, with workers in safety gear on site.

Water Treatment Plant

Dive into the construction of a water treatment plant & its impact on public health & clean drinking water access.

A photo of a reverse osmosis treatment plant under construction in Bangladesh. Metal structures, filters, and pipes are visible, with technicians working on the equipment.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Bangladesh gets high-tech water! Explore a new reverse osmosis plant & its role in providing clean, sustainable drinking water.

A photo of red fire hydrants recently installed on a street in Bangladesh. Buildings are visible in the background.

Fire Hydrant System

Bangladesh fights fires! Discover fire hydrant system installation & how it bolsters fire safety in Bangladeshi buildings.

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Why Choose Us

We provide comprehensive wastewater management solutions for your industry in Bangladesh.
Innovative Design
We deliver detailed CAD and 3D designs for Effluent Treatment Plants, ensuring superior quality and excellence.
One-Stop Service
From design and measurement to production, delivery, installation, and after-sales service, we offer a seamless, integrated approach.
Eco-Friendly Materials
Our raw material suppliers are certified to ensure that all materials used are environmentally friendly and safe.
Production Process
We guarantee that our production processes adhere to the highest environmental standards, ensuring no harm to the environment.
Tailored Solutions
With over four decades of experience, we develop customized solutions to meet your specific needs.
Professional Service

We provide international-quality products and services, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

Quality Assurance
We utilize object-oriented application design for flexibility, scalability, and reusability in our systems.
Automated Testing
Our automated testing procedures ensure the correctness, stability, and efficiency of our software systems performance-wise.

I'm Saiful Islam

For over eight years, we’ve been a leading force in environmental restoration across Bangladesh. Our passion is ensuring clean water accessibility through innovative wastewater solutions for diverse industries. We collaborate with industry giants in global water solutions to deliver cutting-edge technology for a sustainable future.

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