ETP Plant Bangladesh

ETP Plant Bangladesh

ETP Plant Bangladesh is a providing of eco-friendly wastewater treatment solutions that aim to alleviate a sundry of wastewater-related predicaments. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing bespoke and cost-effective resolutions that cater to a plethora of industrial sectors. The gamut of our offerings encompass the production of ETP, STP, DM plant, RO plant, and water softener. Our treatment processes meticulously adhere to the DOE regulations mandated by the government to curb pollution and foster a salubrious environment.

The Basics of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in Bangladesh

Our Products :

ETP Plant Bangladesh is a company that specializes in treating effluent and is stationed in Dhaka. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we offer a wide range of solutions for both water and wastewater treatment. Our offerings encompass several systems, including ETP, STP, DM, RO, and water softening equipment.

Benefits of ETP Plants in Bangladesh

ETP plants are machines used for the treatment of both wastewater and industrial wastewater. These wastewaters harbor harmful environmental pollutants that may be sourced from either domestic or industrial activities. In light of this, manufacturers are obligated to install wastewater treatment systems to mitigate the adverse effects of these contaminants. We, as manufacturers, offer a range of ETP processing equipment with varying capacities from 1KLD to 500KLD, tailored to cater to diverse needs.

Best ETP Plant supplier company in Bangladesh

PWT, a manufacturer specializing in sewage treatment plants (STPs), provides a diverse range of STPs for wastewater treatment, encompassing control, disinfection, and filtration. STP installation is critical to prevent the pollution of local water bodies. These treatment processes eliminate a multitude of pollutants from wastewater obtained from various sources. We are highly proficient in SBR, MBBR, and MBR-based STPs, ranging from 1 KLD to 500 KLD in capacity.

ETP Plant lowest price in Bangladesh

ETP Plant Bangladesh is a reputable manufacturer of Wastewater treatment plants. The method is the most commonly utilized approach for the purification of water. Natural water is imbued with salts, minerals, and anions, including chloride and sulfate. This procedure is essential to hinder metal oxidation and scale buildup. Nonetheless, the existence of dissolved salts enables the refined water to have a lower pH value, a crucial attribute for numerous industries.

Fire Hydrant System in Dhaka

Our reverse osmosis (RO) systems are adept at outfitting all the imperative apparatus and administrations necessary for the production of premium quality water. We have the capability to cater to a wide array of water treatment necessities, ranging from desalination plants to industrial wastewater treatment plants. Our RO-based water treatment arrangements are amenable to handling industrial capacities that span from 100 liters per hour to a whopping 50000 liters per hour.

Motor Pump for ETP STP WTP Plant in Bangladesh
Motor Pump for ETP, WTP, STP
ETP Plant chemicals in Bangladesh
Chemical for ETP, WTP, STP
ETP Plant Bacteria in Bangladesh
Bacteria for ETP, WTP, STP
ETP Plant Carbon price in Bangladesh
Carbon for ETP, WTP, STP

Our Services :

ETP Plant Bangladesh is an esteemed entity and has affiliations with numerous other distinguished entities to maintain and provide superior wastewater treatment commodities and amenities, encompassing but not limited to Chemicals Industries, Textiles Industries, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Dyeing Industries, Electroplating, Tanneries Industries, and Boilers Feed Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh.

Chemical industry for ETP Plant Bangladesh
Chemical Industry

The chemical industry in Bangladesh uses a wide range of chemicals, resulting in complex wastewater compositions. ETP plants for chemical facilities require versatile treatment processes to handle diverse contaminants and meet stringent regulations.

Textile industry for ETP Plant Bangladesh
Textile Industry

Textile industries in Bangladesh are major water users and generate wastewater containing dyes, sizing agents, and other pollutants. ETP plants for textile facilities need efficient treatment processes to reduce organic matter, color, and other contaminants.

Hospital building for ETP Plant Bangladesh
Hospital Building

Hospitals in Bangladesh produce wastewater containing pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other organic matter. ETP plants designed for hospitals need to effectively treat these contaminants before releasing the water into the environment.

Pharmaceutical industry for etp plant bangladesh
Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh generate wastewater containing antibiotics, hormones, and other sensitive compounds. ETP plants for these facilities need advanced treatment technologies to ensure the safety and efficacy of released water.

Dyeing industry for etp plant bangladesh
Dyeing industry

Dyeing industries in Bangladesh are major contributors to water pollution due to dyes and other chemicals used in the process. ETP plants for dyeing facilities require specialized treatment processes to remove color, organic pollutants, and heavy metals.

Electroplating industry for etp plant bangladesh
Electroplating Industry

The electroplating industry in Bangladesh uses various chemicals that can be harmful if released untreated. ETP plants for electroplating facilities need to remove heavy metals, cyanide, and other contaminants before discharging wastewater.

Tanneries industry for etp plant bangladesh
Tanneries Industry

Tanneries in Bangladesh generate significant wastewater containing hazardous chemicals like chromium and sulfides. ETP plants specifically designed for tanneries are crucial for treating this complex effluent and meeting environmental regulations.

Boilers feed water for etp plant bangladesh
Boilers Feed Water

Boilers in Bangladesh play a crucial role in various industries, including ETP plants. However, they require high-quality feed water to operate efficiently and safely. ETP plants in Bangladesh treat industrial wastewater, and proper boiler feed water treatment ensures optimal functioning of both systems.

Application of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in Bangladesh

  • Textile industry
  • Tannery industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Metal processing industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power generation industry
  • Mining industry
  • Municipal wastewater treatment

Equipment List of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in Bangladesh

  1. Bar screen: Eliminates enormous solids from the wastewater, like sticks, clothes, and plastic sacks.
  2. Equalization tank: Stores and homogenizes the wastewater stream, which assists with guaranteeing reliable treatment execution.
  3. Grit chamber: Eliminates weighty, sand-like particles from the wastewater.
  4. Primary clarifier: Settling tank that eliminates suspended solids from the wastewater.
  5. Biological reactor: Tank where microorganisms eliminate natural matter from the wastewater.
  6. Secondary clarifier: Settling tank that eliminates suspended solids from the wastewater after biological treatment.
  7. Filter: Eliminates any excess suspended solids from the wastewater.
  8. Disinfection system: Dispenses with hurtful microscopic organisms and different microorganisms in the wastewater before it is released to the climate.
  9. Sludge dewatering system: Lessens the volume of sludge created during the treatment cycle.
  10. Chemical dosing system: Adds chemicals to the wastewater to change the pH, eliminate contaminations, and help in coagulation and flocculation.
  11. Aeration system: Gives oxygen to the wastewater to help the development of microorganisms in the biological reactor.
  12. Monitoring and control system: Screens and controls different boundaries in the treatment cycle, for example, stream rate, pH, and disintegrated oxygen.

Our company offer after-sale service and support for ETP Plants

  • Troubleshooting and repair: Our group of experienced specialists and professionals can investigate and repair any issues with your ETP plant, rapidly and effectively. We have a profound understanding of ETP technology and are outfitted with the most recent devices and hardware to make your plant back ready straightaway.

  • Replacement parts: We stock an extensive variety of replacement parts for a wide range of ETP plants. This implies that we can get you the parts you want rapidly and effectively, with practically no free time. We likewise offer different guarantees on our replacement parts, so you can be certain that you are getting the most ideal worth.

  • Operator training: We offer complete operator training for ETP plants. We likewise offer tweaked training projects to meet the particular requirements of your plant.

  • Performance monitoring: We can assist you with monitoring the performance of your ETP plant and distinguish any regions where improvement is required. We offer an assortment of performance monitoring administrations, including: Effluent quality monitoring, Cycle effectiveness monitoring, Hardware condition monitoring system.

  • Maintenance and repair contracts: We offer an assortment of maintenance and repair contracts to suit your particular requirements. We additionally offer modified contracts to meet the particular necessities of your plant.

  • Benefits of after-deal: Diminished free time, Further developed plant performance, Expanded gear life, Decreased working expenses, Consistence with natural guidelines.

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